Professional Lash Primer Semi Permanent Individual Eyelash Extensions


15 ml Professional Natural and Hurb Lash Primer for eyelash extensions

Gentle on the eyes, cleans and disinfects natural eyelashes

and requires a minimal amount.


Proessonal Natural and Hurb lash primer is an eyelash cleanser. It removes the remains of makeup, dust, natural fats and prepare eyelashes

for artificial eyelash extension. It is applied directly before eyelash extension procedure.


After cleansing procedure the lasting period (bonding) with the natural eyelash increases and extended eyelashes last longer.


Does not damage natural lashes.


  • Essence Type
  • Clear color
  • Effectively removes make-up, dirt and oily residue
  • Helps eyelash extensions to last longer
  • Contains: Amino Acid complex, Vitamin E and Aloe extracts
  • Protects sensitive skin around eyes
  • Quick and Easy to us

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